Cardistry Art Exhibition at HERO COMPLEX GALLERY

More than a year in the making, Hero Complex Gallery is pleased to announce their next show, CARDISTRY: 55 ARTISTIC INTERPRETATIONS OF PLAYING CARDS, which opens this Friday, May 6th, from 7-10pm at Hero Complex Gallery - 2020 South Robertson Blvd., Studio D - Los Angeles, CA - and it's FREE TO ATTEND!

Hero Complex Gallery created a Custom Premium Art Card Deck of 52 full-color original artwork cards, plus 2 jokers and card back by today's top artists! A wonderful mix of pop and non-pop artwork in which the artists were asked to run wild with their inspirations!

. Original full-size artwork, both prints and original artwork, most with AND without card numbers and indices;
. One Full Custom Premium 'Cardistry' Deck of 52 full-color cards, plus 2 jokers, and face card designed by Tyler Hays;
. Uncut sheets of the entire deck together;
. Custom Premium Companion Book;